For some people, running alone can be a meditative experience, a way to get rid of the stress of an exhausting day. For us, running is also a way to get energy from others and meet new people. We believe that RUNNING can be a beautiful social experience and by creating SPEERIT, we want to bring the ultimate running experience ever created for runners.

SPEERIT will find you a MATCH of someone running your PACE, NEAR YOU, with the SAME SCHEDULE as you and much more…

We know how hard it is to look for people that have the same interests as you. We’re just like you. We speak in a language that not everyone understands – we speak sports. We share your passion. Running with other people, in a way, makes a team. A team that motivates each other, learns from each other, and competes with each other. A team that gets better, happier, healthier, together.

Every runner needs another runner to learn from, train with, and compete with. SPEERIT is a place that will bridge the gap between runners and other runners. An active community is a great way to learn and develop your skills as an athlete. In our community, we know how hard it is to train alone.

Our main objective is to help you get in touch with other runners in your area. Not only that – we will also match your skill with other runners in order to develop your skills. If you are a novice runner looking for someone who can help you train, you can find one in our community. If you are an expert runner looking for other expert runners to train with, our community of runners will help you find one. The fun doesn’t stop there; if you are looking for local marathons and races to join, our community will match you up with the right people.

We understand YOU, and we know what YOU need.